Mobile is growing
March 14, 2013 | Announcements

  Everybody is talking now about mobile here and there. All media agencies have main target to mobile content after Facebook reported revenue results from mobile advertising. Mobile market is growing according to last IAB report. Publishers and advertisers have to consider this type of advertising as an additional revenue in this industry and develop new strategy to monetize it. Is it really important to go mobile now? More people start using smartphones and tablets with fast access to the internet on the go and there is definitely a big potential for advertisers to run campaigns on these devices. How big is the market of mobile advertising? Interesting facts that actual mobile generation is developing now and advertising agencies who are not joining this type of advertising might loose a big potential in the nearest future. There is a significant portion of advertisers who are looking to spend on mobile ads. Does PixFuture offer optimization for mobile inventory? Yes, if you are currently seeing more page views from mobile users on your site, submit your site today and we’d be happy to assist you with high-end optimization of your mobile advertising along with the most optimized web campaigns. Otherwise, ask your account manager for more information on how to optimize mobile.