World Cup 2014 Internet Advertising Campaigns with PixFuture
June 12, 2014 | News

2014-FIFA-World-Cup-Brazil[1] On the occasion of the football World Cup in Brazil, media buyers are competing harder for market and sales. A huge amount of their advertising spending is flowing into Internet campaigns and we want them to be yours! The FIFA World Cup 2014 starts today, and we are excited to announce start of sports campaigns on platform for all publishers! Increase volume to PixFuture from UK, US, ES, NL, AR, BR, AU, DE, IT, FR! PixFuture team is actively enabling these campaigns for mostly all publishers during World Cup and applying the most efficient optimization strategy to reach maximum result. Enjoy the game while we monetize your site! The PixFuture Ad Operations Team Sign up if you are publisher | Start your advertising campaign | Contact sales