PixFuture rebranding
June 05, 2016 | Announcements

We are excited to announce that PixFuture has rebranded to a new fresh and modern look! The iconic two forward slashes in the beginning represent the root of every web address so as our logo reflecting the beginning of our successful collaborations and the achievements of our partners.
As always, we have kept our true colors; the orange brings out our creative approach while the blue reflects our innovational side, depth and stability.
Along with our new look, we are very proud to announce the new Hybrid SSP: a self serve system that will allow our publishers and advertisers to manage both Display Banner Ads and Native Content Ads in one single platform. 
In 2016, our company passed the point of 38b sold impressions with the help of over 1000 premium publishers and over 16K advertisers on board in 2015. We continue to maintain high standards for accepting new clients and we want to thank everyone for helping us keep the ad space busy and efficient!
We will continue to put all the efforts to help both publishers and advertisers grow strong and prosper using our unique technology and expertise!
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