PixFuture and The Media Trust: A New Partnership To Protect The Quality Of Advertising
May 25, 2017 | Announcements News

We are proud to announce that PixFuture and The Media Trust are now working together to prevent the spread of malware and serve the cleanest possible ads.
The addition of The Media Trust’s Media Verifier system to our own ad verification technology means that PixFuture’s ad platform can scan creative and assure safety at an even higher level.
PixFuture’s platform already ranks in the top 6 cleanest ad platforms, according to a LastLine study. We offer Native and Display advertising in a variety of formats including mobile and in-post video.
The Media Trust has 10+ years of experience monitoring the digital ecosystem and works with the world’s largest, most heavily trafficked websites and mobile apps to provide security, data protection, performance and quality management.
To learn more about the partnership or PixFuture, contact us.