Introducing In-Post Video: PixFuture’s New Outstream Video Format
July 28, 2017 | News

Outstream video advertising grew by 234% last year, according to the IAB. Outstream video is much less obtrusive than pre-roll and mid-roll advertising. It is much easier to view than post-roll advertising. Simply put, it offers the user the choice to interact, which sets it apart from traditional instream video ads. This format is beneficial for advertisers and publishers alike.

100% Viewability

Since outstream video only plays once it’s on screen, it produces 100% viewability. The interactive nature of this format makes it even more successful in gaining meaningful interaction for advertisers. Why does that matter for publishers? Well, high viewability equals high value. Each outstream video placement brings in more revenue because advertisers are willing to pay more for meaningful interaction.  

High Value

Outstream video is making enough of an impact that 43% of advertisers say it improves brand awareness, compared with 39% for instream video.2 In fact, 77% of advertising agencies worldwide have said that outstream video will be an important part of their clients’ portfolios in the future.3 If advertisers want to get better campaign results and publishers want to partner with more advertisers, outstream video is the ideal format for them.

More Possibilities

Publishers don’t have to create video content to use outstream video. In fact, that’s a key benefit – any site can implement this format. If a publisher places outstream video spots, it opens their site to more revenue opportunities and offers greater variety to advertisers.

Key Benefits of Outstream Video

• high visibility – supports meaningful interaction from users • improved user experience – less intrusive than other video ad formats • valuable asset for advertisers looking to maximize engagement • easy implementation for all types of publishers, regardless of their site content As more advertisers begin to create video ads, they will be looking for more engaging ways to serve them. Outstream video is the most effective format for both publishers and advertisers to engage with users in a positive way while achieving their desired results.