Prepare your inventory for a new version of Google Chrome
October 13, 2018 | News

Google recently announced a new version of Chrome browser features which will support ad-blocking technology. In less than a month, starting December, Chrome version 71 will be blocking all pop-up and pop-under ads, as well as other abusive experiences ads, such as:
Fake Messages
Ads or other elements that resemble chat apps, warnings, system dialogs, or other notifications that lead to an ad or landing page when clicked.
Unexpected Click Areas
Transparent backgrounds, non-visible page elements, or other typically non-clickable areas that lead to an ad or landing page when clicked.
Misleading Site Behavior
Page features such as scroll bars, play buttons, “next” arrows, close buttons, or navigation links that lead to an ad or landing page when clicked.
Ads or page elements that attempt to steal personal information or trick your users into sharing personal information.
Auto Redirect
Ads or page elements that auto-redirect the page without user action.
Mouse Pointer
Ads or page elements that resemble a moving or clicking mouse pointer that attempt to trick a user into interacting with it.
Malware or Unwanted Software
Ads or page elements that promote, host, or link to malware or unwanted software that may be installed on your users’ machines.
This recent update continues to highlight the importance of a clean and safe user experience for users. PixFuture is supporting safe user experience and for many years been the leader in delivering safe ads.
To get more information on how to prepare your inventory to comply with this new update, feel free to reach out to our support.