Better World Wide Web Supported By PixFuture
June 13, 2019 | Announcements

User experience is what we’ve always been in support of at pixfuture. It starts from developing a user-friendly platform to making the most comfortable user experience for those that see billions of ads every day from us. From the beginning of our journey in 2008, we took a direction to monetize premium content and deliver only safe ads to the end users. Today, we fully comply with the Better Ads Standards and will continue to make the most to have an outstanding user experience.
Starting July 1, we will not be accepting sites that do not meet these standards developed by Coalition for Better Ads. These standards identify 12 experiences which are intrusive that buyers and publishers should avoid showing at any cost.
Source: Coalition for Better Ads
What does this mean for a publisher? You should review Ad Experience Report Tool that can help to understand if you have some violations in ad experiences on your site.
What is our mission? We are building a better web, more convinient for everyone to surf without Adblock and obviously help publishers to be supported by ads. Free content shall be supported by ads, otherwise, what’s the internet is for?