New solutions for CTV/OTT monetization with AuctionX
October 09, 2019 | Announcements

Toronto, October 09, 2019: pixfuture, announcing today the successful upgrade of AuctionX platform monetization solutions for CTV apps. We are proud to announce the roll-out of new features in AuctionX which will allow selling ads more efficiently for Connected TV apps. PixFuture is one of the early adopters of CTV monetization on platforms like Roku, Samsung TV Plus, Twitch, and others, and quickly scaling to more.
Connected TV (CTV) is the fastest-growing market and pixfuture seeing rapid growth in this sector of business with over 400% revenue increase in 2019.
“We continue to improve this sector of business in the company and develop new features to help publishers efficiently sell content on CTV. We are proud to be early adopters in CTV space and want to take advantage of the market.”

Alex Kapralov, CEO at pixfuture

If you’d like to speak to someone from our team regarding CTV app onboarding process, please free to reach out.