How to Monetize Better During This Holiday Season
November 20, 2019 | Performance

Holiday Season is here, meaning it is time to increase your revenue!
PixFuture team has analyzed previous years’ data and created a guideline on how to improve monetization during this shopping season!
Here are the most important tips for you:
1. The visibility of the ads is important!
Viewability! Viewability is the key factor for advertisers when buying your inventory. If the ad is placed at the bottom of the webpage and users don’t scroll all the way down to see it. Well, that impression would not be deemed viewable. Placements with the highest viewability are a sidebar, above the fold, and in the middle of content.
2. What ad formats do you run?
Consider using additional ad formats to monetize your content. Native video, sticky ads, or larger banner ad units such as 970×250 could be an additional way to stimulate your revenue to go up.
3. Mobile visitors are important!
51% of users are entering your website from their smartphones. This is why it is important to monetize your mobile content with mobile-friendly sizes, such as 300×250, 300×600, and 320×50.
4. Shake things up! Put your creativity to work!
Keep publishing new, engaging articles throughout the Holiday season to encourage more users to visit your webpage. While you are going to create amazing content for your webpage, PixFuture will take care of the rest and help you maximize your revenues and optimize ad operations. Feel free to get in touch with our professional account managers if you have any questions, concerns or suggestions – we are always here to help!
Learn more how to start monetizing with pixfuture.
Happy Holidays!