Moving from third-party cookies to first-party IDs
March 18, 2021 | Announcements Product updates


PixFuture is collaborating with publishers and Identity Solutions to prepare for cookieless digital advertising.


Toronto, CA – PixFuture – the programmatic ad management solution has launched the first identity data solution adaptor that helps to power personalized advertising and data in a world without third-party cookies.


The death of third-party cookies is already on the way for advertisers and publishers on some browsers, and all digital advertising players in the ecosystem are looking to offer their tech stacks. PixFuture took an important step forward for the industry to help publishers to adopt the practice of passing user’s data to Identity Solution Technology providers to personalize advertising.


We have joined multiple major players in the industry to help sell advertising at higher rates and without cookies. By sharing first-party data and IDs with User ID providers, advertising agencies (demands) have the power to personalize advertising, target visitors, and report events – all without the use of any third-party cookies.  


Publishers are especially excited to secure ad revenue while advertisers are essentially looking to better target and frequency cap their ad buying.


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