How Ads Viewability Improves Revenue?
April 27, 2021 | Performance


What is a viewable ad impression?

Impressions are considered viewable when they appear in the browser’s view and have been seen by a user. Industry standards for viewable ads are as follows: 50% of the ad has to be visible on the screen for at least 1 continuous second. For video ads, the viewability standard is that the ad must have at least had 50% visibility on screen, and must have been viewed for at least 2 seconds.


Why viewability is a key performance indicator for ad market participants?

Viewability is an important metric for digital marketers and stands as a confirmation that campaigns are performing as expected. Viewability is a metric that enables marketers to ensure brand awareness.


Why the need to be seen is so important?

The growing demand for higher viewability means that much of publishers’ inventory is no longer sellable. The quality of inventory is measured by how visitors interact with an ad. Giving 100% viewability isn’t impossible for publishers, for example, Instagram is currently guaranteeing 100% viewability to buyers.
At the same time not all advertisers asking 100% viewability but CPMs are definitely higher for inventory with higher viewability. Some advertisers have a desire for click-through rates (CTR) and looking to target inventory with only 60% viewability but still, it’s above 50%.


Does pixfuture measures viewability?

For both mobile and desktop pixfuture currently measuring viewability and providing statistics to publishers for optimization purposes. Publishers with viewability below 60% need to re-arrange and place ad tags in more viewable placements to reach maximum buyers and higher CPMs. The majority of buyers purchase ads with over 60%.


Will I get a boost in revenue if my viewability over 60%?

Yes, buyers adjust their campaigns about every two weeks so once you change placements and finally reach maximum viewability, you should start seeing immediate results within two weeks. Moreover, our sales team keeps adding direct deals to publishers that start getting better performance metrics.