Recover Revenue From Ad Block Visitors
August 23, 2021 | Product updates


We are happy to present to pixfuture publishers a new free-to-use Ad Block detector notice.


With Pixfuture’s new feature – AdBlock Notice, the publisher will have an opportunity to win back potentially lost impressions and generate more revenue. It’s detecting your users’ ads blocking extensions while browsing through your website and shows a notice of a “No Ad Block” content.


Why Do I need It?

According to Audience Project Worldwide report, more than 40% of a publisher’s traffic is not monetized due to visitors using Ad Blockers, causing substantial loss of potential revenue. We understand how crucial it is to be supported for producing a content.



Benefits of an AdBlock Notice:

– Add Custom Logo
– Complete block of the access to the page with AdBlock extension
– 3 Seconds Delay
– Detection of anti-notice
– Secured




How To Activate?

To activate Ad Block Notice, Log In to your publisher profile –> Inventory –> AdBlock Detector









If you are not a Pixfuture member yet, feel free to fill out the publisher application form, or send a request to our Support team.


Sources: Audience Project | Hootsuite