Increase your website’s engagement with GoStory
December 16, 2021 | Product updates


As a Publisher, increasing your website’s user engagement is just as crucial as creating quality content for your audience. Without engagement, the content you have so mindfully planned and written will not fully reach the viewership it deserves. PixFuture’s GoStory Player is a tool to help you drive engagement within your website, decrease bounce rate, and even generate incremental earnings!


Key Features and Benefits


– Highlight your featured content 
– Customize with a logo and color theme 
– Pause and navigate between stories
– Branded ads between stories
– Non-disruptive advertising
– Drives user engagement
– Decreases bounce rate
– Increases pageviews
– Improves website performance









GoStory player allows publishers to rotate their content in the most popular Story format on the website. Create stories you want to tell and the way you want to tell them. Get started today to monetize and engage your audience.