In 2008, PixFuture founded with a mission to help publishers and advertisers to maximize their profit and become more successful in a crowded online marketplace. PixFuture quickly became a leading digital media technology company that offers innovative advertising and traffic monetization solutions through both Video and Display ad formats.



Accelerate advertising sales through our unique proprietary platform and highly efficient customer support, we aim to provide the best value and results for both advertisers and publishers. Our monetization network is a gateway to the world of RTB, and we have partnered up with all the major ad exchanges, demand partners, and advertisers worldwide to create an optimal platform.





Lana Bravo
Account Executive


Elena Tereshchuk
Account Manager
Veronica Bueno
Account Manager
Daryna Tymofyeyeva
Account Manager
Vira Gudko
Account Manager
Elizabeth Essen
Account Manager
Yen Marquez
Account Manager
Raphael Meireles
Account Manager


Alex Kapralov
George Karelov
Executive Assistant
Vitali Ioussoupov
Senior Developer
Oleksandr Polishchuk
Platform Developer
Aleksei Kheba
Front End Developer
Dennis Kozevnikoff
Back End Developer
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