Introducing In-Post Video: PixFuture’s New Outstream Video Format
July 28, 2017 | News

Outstream video advertising grew by 234% last year, according to the IAB. Outstream video is much less obtrusive than pre-roll and mid-roll advertising. It is much easier to view than post-roll advertising. Simply put, it offers the user the choice to interact, which sets it apart from traditional instream video ads. This format is beneficial for advertisers and publishers alike.

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PixFuture and The Media Trust: A New Partnership To Protect The Quality Of Advertising
May 25, 2017 | Announcements News


We are proud to announce that PixFuture and The Media Trust are now working together to prevent the spread of malware and serve the cleanest possible ads.


The addition of The Media Trust’s Media Verifier system to our own ad verification technology means that PixFuture’s ad platform can scan creative and assure safety at an even higher level.
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PixFuture in top 6 “cleanest” ad platforms with 0% malware in 2014
August 05, 2015 | News

lastline-labsIt was worth to invest so much time and resources to be named as one of the “cleanest” ad platforms in digital advertising industry. PixFuture was nominated as “cleanest” ad platform of 2014 by LastLine – an advanced malware protection company. LastLine has performed large-scale study of ad platforms investigating the safety of 600,000 ads on 40,000 websites.


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PixFuture Mobile Web Advertising for Publishers
June 13, 2014 | News

mobile-advertising-5-diy-tips-for-small-businesses-2455354568[1]We are proud to announce that PixFuture is reaching now over 69 million unique visitors per month and introducing new cutting edge technology to help publishers monetize their mobile web inventory.

PixFuture has recently launched mobile web optimization technology that works with leading advertising industry partners in a Real Time Bidding system. Our programmatic algorithm allows to analyze terabits of data in real time and target the best ads to run on mobile optimized sites.

Contact us today to learn more how to become one of our publishers.

The PixFuture Team

World Cup 2014 Internet Advertising Campaigns with PixFuture
June 12, 2014 | News


On the occasion of the football World Cup in Brazil, media buyers are competing harder for market and sales. A huge amount of their advertising spending is flowing into Internet campaigns and we want them to be yours!

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Not a surprising fact that women spend more time online
March 14, 2013 | News

Comscore recently announced stats report that women spend more time online than men. PixFuture introducing shocking facts from Comsocre to realize what a potential in gender targeting might be for advertisers.

To celebrate International Women’s Day we looked at how much time women spent on the internet in January 2013 and how this differed in various countries across the globe. American women come up top in the rankings with an average of 42 hours spent per visitor online during the month. Canadian and British women are not far behind with an average of 41.9 and 41.7 hours spent respectively accessing the internet via a computer.
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Last print issue from Newsweek
December 24, 2012 | News

newsweek-last-print-issue-01-2012[1]Newsweek went out with a vintage photo of its old Midtown Manhattan
headquarters for the last issue it’ll publish in print before going digital-only in
2013. In a nod to its digital future, the headline is simply, “#lastprintissue.”
Editor Tina Brown enlisted such big-name contributors as former editor Jon Meacham,
Michael Isikoff, Eleanor Clift and Daniel Klaidman to write for the final issue.
Newsweek merged with The Daily Beast two years ago in the hope that the iconic
magazine and scrappy startup would make a stronger media property by combining efforts.
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Black Friday E-Commerce Hits $1 Billion, Amazon Gets Most Visits
December 03, 2012 | News

E-commerce sales on Black Friday topped $1 billion in the U.S. for the first time this year, comScore reported, as online sales continue to grow to an ever-larger portion of retail shopping.

Total e-commerce spending was $1.042 billion this year, as some consumers avoided the mad crowds and lines at the malls, making Black Friday the biggest day so far in 2012 and an increase of 26% from last year’s Black Friday. About 57.3 million Americans visited e-commerce sites, up 18 year-over-year.
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