Last print issue from Newsweek
December 24, 2012 | News

newsweek-last-print-issue-01-2012[1]Newsweek went out with a vintage photo of its old Midtown Manhattan
headquarters for the last issue it’ll publish in print before going digital-only in
2013. In a nod to its digital future, the headline is simply, “#lastprintissue.”
Editor Tina Brown enlisted such big-name contributors as former editor Jon Meacham,
Michael Isikoff, Eleanor Clift and Daniel Klaidman to write for the final issue.
Newsweek merged with The Daily Beast two years ago in the hope that the iconic
magazine and scrappy startup would make a stronger media property by combining efforts.
But faced with rising print publishing costs, a lack of scale and changing media consumption
habits, Newsweek ended up deciding to kill its print edition and replace it with an iPad
version, Newsweek Global, produced by a much smaller staff.
Since then, names of some of those laid off have begun trickling out. Among the higherups who won’t make the transition to digital are Mark Miller, a longtime Newsweek staffer
whom Brown brought back in 2011 to oversee editorial operations after he’d quit the year
before; fashion journalist Robin Givhan; and features director David Jefferson.