Native Advertising: The Future is Programmatic
May 18, 2017 | Trends & Insights


Based on the 2016 Business Insider report, native advertising will account for 74% of all ad revenue by the year 2021: approximately 36 billion dollars U.S.


The boom in native advertising stems from their ability to draw twice as much attention as traditional banner ads. They also keep viewers interested over 300 times longer than display ads on average. With such impressive stats to back it up, it’s no wonder so many marketers are using native to interact with their audience and meet their advertising objectives.


Why Native Works?

Native ads are able to accomplish this by replicating the feelings of discovery we experience when we read headlines from a newsfeed or website. This allows native ads to tap into the subconscious part of our minds that account for 95% of all brain activity, including much of our emotions and decision making.


The Programmatic Effect

Things get even more interesting when you combine the power of native with the numerous advantages of programmatic advertising.

Programmatic advertising refers to the use of technology to automate the purchasing process traditionally associated with advertising. Instead of negotiating ad placements and terms directly with publishers, the process is automated through real-time bidding (RTB).


Top 5 Reasons to Pursue Programmatic Ad Buys

Advertisers now have the ability to reach more of their key audience, more easily than ever before. Campaigns can be run across multiple platforms simultaneously while still maintaining a high level of control and transparency. There are a number of reasons why you should consider programmatic for your next native campaign, here are a few to keep in mind:


Data is the New Currency

The automation provided by programmatic makes it easier than ever to collect and examine data. The more data you have, the easier it is to adapt your campaign to better match your target. Programmatic allows advertisers to utilize user data including information about their browsing behaviours, conversions, search history and geographical data.


Targeting Power

By utilizing data that goes beyond standard demographics, programmatic can provide more accurate targeting than traditional methods. Advertisers use data gathered from a number of third party sources and DSPs to target consumers based on their behaviours, characteristics, and past actions on the web. So instead of buying millions of impressions from a single publisher, advertisers can buy millions of strategically targeted impressions across multiple sites reaching only their intended audience segments.


Attribution is the king

The ability to measure the results and to understand what aspects of your campaign are working gives you an opportunity to efficiently optimize the campaign and better apply your marketing budget. Programmatic makes it easier and quicker to launch campaigns across multiple platforms and quickly optimize the campaigns according to the results.


Competitive Price Point

Programmatic advertising is able to provide high ROI for advertisers as the inventory sold through these channels is typically remnant inventory. This inventory can be purchased at rates that are often lower than the premium inventory that is often reserved for direct sales. Also due to higher advertiser demand, more and more premium inventory are being sold programmatically through RTB.


Delivery Control and Transparency 

By identifying the low performing sites that don’t deliver enough conversions for the specific campaigns, marketers are being offered to set blacklists to avoid the delivery on those online properties. Also advertisers can easily choose specific publishers with higher conversion rates within their campaigns category by making the whitelists.


Ready to launch your native campaign?

If you’ve decided to take advantage of programmatic for your native campaign, the next step is making a programmatic buy. To make this process quick and easy, you can create an account on our self-serve platform and launch your next campaign in minutes.