CTV/OTT Monetization

PixFuture helps to monetize the next generation of the content consumed using smart TV technology. Our mission is to help all types of developers to be successful in what they are doing by monetizing their valuable content with the AuctionX platform.

  • – Instantly connect with multiple demand partners
  • – Worldwide coverage with maximum monetization
  • – Smooth integration with players
  • – Cross-device support
*In order to control the quality of inventory, we are an invite-only platform.

Monetization Solutions

For many years we have been helping thousands of publishers to monetize their valuable content. Today, we start to provide programmatic access to our buyers to another source of inventory on CTV devices.

Excellent CPMs

We integrated with most of the demand partners in the advertising world to bring hundreds of advertisers and agencies to maximize returns.

Premium Brands

Connected TV advertising has been predicted to see growth for the next 5 years. World’s brands will spend more on OTT/CTV because it’s more effective than standard TV advertising and gives more transparency.

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